Got there before the birds. Red currants, very sweet raspberries, and five blueberries. There will be plenty blueberries and blackberries later on. All on the roof terrace


[UPDATE] And strawberries too, from the living room balcony. Y says eating them is more fun than picking them.


Red currants coming along nicely on the roofterrace



A lonely raspberry is changing color, plenty of blueberries in the making


and especially pleased with how many blackberries lie in our future. Or the future of the birds around the house of course. Whoever gets there first 😉


Today is King’s day, our national holiday. Normally it turns the entire country into a giant orange colored street festival and fleamarket, but this year we’re all at home. It’s been dubbed Woningsdag, or ‘houseday’, which differs from Koningsdag, King’s day, in its first letter only. In my head King’s day is the start of ‘flag week’, as April 27th is followed by May 4th Remembrance day, and May 5th Liberation day, the only three days in the year the general population flies a flag. The Netherlands isn’t at all big on flag waving.

This year it seemed there were more flags visible around our neighbourhood than last year, regularly with the telltale folds of newly bought and unpackaged flags visible.

When Y woke up and came downstairs we unfurled the flag together and mounted it next to the front door.