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I read this one early morning this week and it made me realise I had overlooked something extremely obvious: I can have my browser start page be anything I want. I have an extremely deep dislike for any start page browsers come with. The paid listing of sponsored ‘handy’ links that aren’t, the overview of most visited sites which only puts your time sinks in front of you every time you open a browser window or tab. So all browsers I use have blank start pages. How can it be I overlooked for so long the obvious next step: define my own start page with links to things that are part of my everyday workflow. I always run a local webserver / mysql / php stack on my laptop, on which I run a variety of small tools that live in my bookmark list in my browser. I should put them in the start page. For years I had a local wiki page that did just that, but when I stopped using the wiki, I did away with the start page. Thanks to John Johnston for having this appear in my feed reader. I have now set it to a page that I use daily (providing stats on my notes), but will switch that to an overview of all small tools on my local webserver.

A startpage is the first thing you should see when you open your browser or create a new tab. … Creating your own startpage has several advantages … over using conventional homepages.

Aim: run Quill locally, to write draft posts offline (and later maybe see if I can store drafts locally).

(I run MAMP PRO on my Mac, I also run a WordPress install locally, with all IndieWeb plugins enabled and a Sempress theme)


I downloaded, installed in http://localhost:8888/quill
The installation instructions mention using Composer to install a range of dependencies. I did not know what that was, so had to Google around to find out it is a tool to install php dependencies. I followed the instructions at to install Composer on my Mac.
Then I could call the URL http://localhost:8888/quill/public/index.php ok.

However it doesn’t load images correctly and links don’t work as they are relative to http://localhost:8888/ and not http://localhost:8888/quill/public

Aaron, who created Quill, told me Quill expects to run as a root domain.
So: I added a host quill.test on port 80 in my MAMP set-up, with the /public as root folder. Now Quill loads fine and URLs work.

To get it to work right with mysql on my laptop I added a database called quill. I first had created new user, but that didn’t work. So I used an existing root user for that. I had to also run this sql query to create a table in the database that Quill uses.

After that it worked fine. Next up, thinking about how I’d like to change Quill, as an offline tool for me to prepare postings. Also want to experiment with using it to post to different blogs.