Bookmarked Untangling the IndieWeb by David Yates

Frank Meeuwsen pointed me to this article by David Yates, which contains explanations of IndieWeb components and their purposes, for less tech-oriented people. It concludes that, yes IndieWeb has a wide range of cool features, that let you use the Web itself as social medium, but that implementing them requires tech skills. It works very well for online interaction, “but the only people you interact with are other programmers who’ve also managed to implement all this stuff.

Which is a good reminder to self. I’m not one of those ‘other programmers’, though I can keep up with tech oriented conversation. Which makes me a bit of a boundary spanner, between the techies and the less tech oriented. Given Peter’s notion of having an obligation to explain, I already had half baked plans to start writing a few explainers. While reading this blogpost by David Yates I had some additional ideas of what that should/shouldn’t look like. And that it should be in both Dutch and English. So thank you David for the nudge.

Meanwhile, I have E as an in-house ‘tester’ to see if my explanations work, and if I understand things correctly myself, while we are indiewebyfying her websites.