While in Nürnberg this week, the three of us visited the Neues Museum. I’m not entirely sure what the Neues Museum wants to be. The building is a massive architectural statement, sitting right inside of the medieval city walls. Their collection is a mix of general design history and German modern art, and the current temporary exhibition was about novel materials that are either circular, fully recyclable, or climate neutral. It made me want to have a Steel Case Flex Perch stool. They’re made from recycled electronic waste, usually unrecyclable, and are fully recyclable themselves. Very Waste Tide, and as a former electronic engineering student it appeals to me. I mailed a Dutch office project firm today, who carry the brand. We explored, saw some interesting things, some old tropes as well, had fun.

E and Y, walking on Klarissenplatz, along the facade of the Neues Museum towards the old city wall. (E and I were there 19 years ago)

E and Y in the Neues Museum. Y had the use of an old hand held camera from E, and was snapping pictures, sometimes from slightly unconventional positions…

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