The second week of Y’s school holiday, and I struggled this week to get going and be focused on some work. We had some sun, although also still lots of rain, but at least we got to be outside a little more.

This week I

  • Spent a day on mostly company internal things, a management meeting, presenting the monthly financials to the team, and discussing progress of project on AI ethics with a colleague and the client.
  • Had the weekly client meetings.
  • Saw a Kingfisher in the garden at the water’s edge. Such a beautiful bird, and fast!
  • Made it possible to send articles to for annotation through their API directly from my feed reader.
  • Wrote a brief proposal for a client to become a member of an association w.r.t. the forming of European dataspaces.
  • Updated the overview for a client I keep of EU data legislation with the latest developments.
  • Worked with a team member on an open data maturity survey for the EC we’re answering on behalf of the Dutch government.
  • Did part of the monthly invoicing.
  • Felt I didn’t show up for my own work on Thursday diving into the associations I got while going through an interesting talk about the impact of generative algorithms on the web.
  • Had two interviews with potential new board members for the NGO I chair.
  • Discussed with a client some new issues with a public/private national level database that is also used for public sector decision making, and will soon be officially housed at a public insitution: what does it mean for open data obligations, various types of re-use and for various types of stakeholders? How to demarcate between different obligations and use-cases? Plus what the incoming EU legislation has to bring to the table here.
  • Had a lovely day with E and Y visiting my (university age) niece A, Y’s cousin. We took a train to Rotterdam, had lunch together and enjoyed the Rotterdam Blijdorp zoo, ending the day with dinner in our garden. The weather was just perfect for it.
  • Ordered a leaning stool which I saw exhibited in the Neues Museum last week in Nuremberg, as a birthday present to myself.

The inside roof of the Rotterdam Market Hall. The windows are from apartments who look out over the market stalls.