I had most of this week off. The weekend before we drove to Nuremberg, and that’s where this week started: having breakfast at the Playmobil Funpark, before hitting the highlights of the park once more. We left mid-afternoon and drove into Nuremberg for our next hotel, near the central railway station and within walking distance of the old city center. We spent two nights in Nuremberg, exploring the city and visiting the Neues Museum. Wednesday evening we returned home.

Thursday was a national holiday in the Netherlands, King’s Day. In the morning the three of us unpacked and built all the Playmobil sets we bought at the Playmobil Funpark. At lunchtime we left for the neighbourhood shopping center, where the local festivities were taking place. We enjoyed the atmosphere, and the welcome sunlight.

Friday I spent most of the day doing the financial administration as the Q1 VAT returns are due at the end of April. Early evening we visited E’s brother H for his birthday.
Saturday I spent mostly outside with Y, enjoying the sun. Today I used the morning to do the last bits of book keeping and filing taxes. In the afternoon I set out with Y to acquire litter pickers. The city provides them for free. Upon return from our successful mission Y immediately set out with a bag to pick up litter from the street we live on.

Next week Y will still be off from school but for E and myself it will be a regular work week.

How the week started: coffee underneath the Frauenturm in Nuremberg

How the week ended: drinks outside in our neighourhood