Favorited The New Year Post by Manuel Moreale

The interaction and (distributed) conversations resulting from my blog has been the biggest reward in my 19 years of blogging. I also feel that in the past few years, this effect has picked up noticeably. Mostly because I started paying more attention to blogging since late 2017, and what you pay attention to always grows. But also it feels like in general more people found there way (back) to blogging. Looking at the over 400 feeds I currently follow, a list rebuilt from scratch since I restarted blogging more than just occasionally 4 years ago, there is such a wide variety of new, younger and globally more dispersed voices in there now. Right next to the still existing blogs of the great people and now friends, that I met in that Cambrian explosion of new contacts that happened to me when I started blogging in 2002. The blog by Manu linked to here is one of those new voices in my feeds of the past few years. As my blogging friend Frank always writes at the end of his weekly newsletter: Blog on!

[This blog]… was one of the best decisions I took in the last 10 years. Countless positive things have come out of this blog: from great conversations to new friendships and I’m grateful for every single one of them.

Manuel Moreale

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