After a two year hiatus, Luis Suarez is blogging again. It was a pleasant surprise to see his voice resurface again in my feed reader in recent weeks. Just like it was two years ago when he resurfaced after a three year hiatus. Luis has been in my feed reader since when he started blogging in 2005 or thereabouts.

In his first new posting he describes the impact on himself and on our ways of working of the pandemic, as well as how he was very active in closed group spaces where people would ask him where to find more of his writings. His blog would be the logical answer, except he hadn’t written there in a good while. So back to the mothership it is. Home Sweet Home!

His last few postings are about the changing experiences one has on Twitter (I and II) and LinkedIn, and I can only echo his sentiment there (although in general I’ve always felt less enthusiastic about Twitter, seeing it as a step down both from IRC and Jaiku in terms of affordances.) Similar contemplations led me to unfollow everyone to clear out my LinkedIn timeline.

Looking forward to renewed distributed conversations on the open web with you, Luis! Blog on!

One reaction on “Elsua Has Returned Home

  1. Hi, Ton,

    My goodness! That’s just such a lovely blog post and what a nice re-welcome! I tell you what, I just *loved* your commentary about being back to the mothership, because, indeed, in a way, it feels pretty much like that! Remember the good old days of Web 2.0 and the Blogosphere. That’s where it all started for a whole bunch of us, before all of these media tools bastardised our original idea of wanting to connect, share and learn together on the topics we are interested in as they introduced manipulative practices to benefit them leaving us behind in that process. Yikes!

    It’s wonderful to be back to the mothership and to continue our conversations through our blogs over time as opposed to those media tools that, if anything, were acting more and more as distractions and a mere means of entertainment taking us nowhere! Grrr

    Onwards & upwards! Looking forward to more blogging conversations over time and thanks a bunch for the lovely blog post!

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