This week was the week that Corona breached our household perimeter.

From the weekend Y had vague complaints, and stayed home Monday. She seemed ok to go to school Tuesday but returned home before the end of school again with some complaints of head and belly aches. Wednesday she woke up with a fever and self-tested positive for Corona. Both E and I self-tested negative, but I did have an itchy throat. As E was symptom free, we quickly checked what supplies we needed and she arranged them. We mentally prepared ourselves for a 10 day stay at home, and made an appointment for a formal test for next Monday. That ‘5 day check’ would determine if we as vaccinated housemates of an infected person would be allowed to go outside. At that point, E because she isn’t showing symptoms could still go out. We also made inventory who Y and I had spent time with in the past days (almost nobody) to inform them, and have that info ready for the call by the track and trace team. Thursday morning I too self-tested positive. Sunday I had felt a bit cold and had taken an afternoon nap, which by now we were of course looking at as a first signal. During the day I felt pretty much ok, and worked normally although I was somewhat distracted because of the unknown.

Thursday evening my condition changed, nose and eyes leaking, sneezing and coughing, with my temp rising. I decided to pitch my bivouac at our top floor and sleep on the fold-out couch there, to not expose E to my sneezes and wheezes during the night. I’ve basically been upstairs all the time since then. E has been ensuring the normal operation of our household by herself meanwhile. By now things seem to be improving, temperature still raised but lower than earlier, less symptoms than in the past 2 days, and my appetite almost normal. At the same time the itchy throat has morfed into a somewhat painful one and I am easily tired after brief excursions downstairs. So not there yet.

Tomorrow Y will still be at home, although she is symptom free now and ok, and can then hopefully return to school on Tuesday. We’ll get our tests tomorrow, and if E still tests negatively that would be great. I’ll be indoors coming week as well I suspect, or at least until 24 hours after the last symptoms disappear. In lieu of a booster shot I get my booster the ‘natural’ way this time it seems. Oh goodies.

This week I

  • As described above spent half my time isolating upstairs feeling ill. This allowed me to read Chapter House Dune, the 6th Dune novel in the series I started re-reading again after seeing the Dune movie last month
  • Spent a large part of the other half preparing an important meeting for a client with their board and advisory council
  • Had the weekly client meetings
  • Booked a table at restaurant Groenland in Driebergen where a decade ago me and my business partners Paul, Frank and Marc (who since left) decided to start an open data consultancy company together. To celebrate we want to dine there again in the original line-up. You may notice that the name of the restaurant is similar to that of our company The Green Land, and that’s no coincidence. Our imagination w.r.t. names was limited, it shows.
  • Had a conversation with my business partners on tracking how busy our team is without it becoming a tool that is used to maximize how busy everyone is. We’re aiming for balance. I created some prototypes and a list of assumptions and principles we want to clear with our team before showing them the tool.
  • Received a phone call that our car had been fixed. We got it towed two weeks ago. As we are in quarantine we couldn’t drive out with our temporary replacement and retrieve our car, so our friendly mechanic drove out to us to exchange the cars, fetched the key fob from underneath the door mat and put ours through the mail box.
  • Followed the online meet-up of Dutch language Obsidian users, albeit without interacting, and just listening in.

My past few days brought to mind this painting: La chambre à Arles, by Vincent van Gogh, public domain image Musée d’Orsay / Wikipedia

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