Did something out of my ordinary yesterday afternoon, I went to the movie theatre, on my own. To see Dune. The Dune series I’ve read many times, and I was curious to see how they made it into a movie. It’s following the book pretty closely, if not too closely, making it struggle to keep forwards momentum I feel. I wonder what someone who hasn’t read Dune thinks of the movie’s story, does it at all make sense? It’s long, and covers just a portion of the book ([UPDATE 20211017 upon rereading I realise it covers almost exactly half the book]). I wonder if they’ll greenlight the second planned part, which is where the action will be.

Had an almost private viewing of Dune yesterday afternoon, in the Amersfoort Pathé theatre

Returning home I picked up the paperback I have, but seeing the tiny print, on E’s suggestion opted for an e-book version. Will be re-reading the entire series I suspect…

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