This week went by very quickly. Looking back I see I didn’t write anything here during the week. I had different in person meetings, a work group, a training session, a presentation, and a group dinner. It was slightly strange to meet such a variety of people all in person (after doing precautionary self tests). It also feels very intensive.

This week I

  • finished the 2020 financial administration for my own and E’s personal business, and filed the final tax returns for 2020
  • did some preparations for a series of 4 sessions with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management in a few weeks
  • had our monthly all hands stand-up looking at our company’s financials
  • had the weekly client meetings
  • prepared a presentation on my work on the European digital and data legal framework
  • prepared a presentation on using open data for public sector integrity and anti-corruption purposes, along the lines of the 2019 edition, updated to the present such as including the Pandora Papers
  • gave the mentioned anti-corruption presentation as part of a half day training session my colleague Paul and I contributed to The Hague Academy for Local Governance’s Integrity and Anti-corruption course. It was a good group of about a dozen public sector professionals from around the world.
  • had a dinner with my Open Nederland board colleagues to celebrate delivering the TakeNode project in its first incarnation. With it we aim to assist makers and creators in adding their ToS to what they share on platforms, in light of the new EU copyright demands made of platforms. Stating your own ToS to the platforms is something I mused about a very long time ago, and in a way is now created.
  • had a management meeting of my company
  • removed more Flickr embeds, about 150 postings left (with many postings with 5 or more images)
  • discussed building a ‘values-case’ as replacement for a business case for a project
  • had a conversation with a new contact at the Ministry for the Interior about the recently announced European effort to have 100 climate neutral cities in a decade or so
  • kicked-off a new project with a client to create a reference architecture for digital twins w.r.t. the built environment / public space. My role is connecting the dots with proposed EU legislation, and national digital / data strategies.
  • spent quite a bit of time with Y playing outside, had a walk with E, all because the weather has been mild the past days
  • cycled with E and Y to nearby Nijkerk. Nijkerk means ‘new church’, a name it got after the old one burnt down in…1221. It’s close to our part of Amersfoort, a 20 mins bike ride across the fields, yet we never had been there. We wanted to visit a bakery there because of a specific pastry they make. In a place we sometimes have coffee they serve them, but we wanted to visit the source. After a lunch we strolled through the town, which has many 18th century buildings from their economic peak, and visited the local bookstore stocking up on books for Y. This as it is ‘childrens book week’. The week is actually 10 days, in which books for children are promoted across the country, since the mid 1950’s.

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