We’re at the end of our first full week in Denmark. It’s good to travel again, and see different things. Our temporary home’s garden is very pleasant, with a few different seating spots to catch the sun or shade at different times of the day. I’ve spent quite a bit of time in it, just enjoying being outside.

Last week I skipped writing my week notes, so I wrote them and backfilled the notes for last week today.

This week we spent enjoying our time together in Copenhagen. We spent a day in town, browsing some shops, having lunch outside, visiting the Lego store with Y where she got a big tower that we then built at home together. Visited the beach again. Another day we cycled to the Kongens Have, the King’s garden for coffee and a visit to the Rosenborg castle to see the crown jewels which didn’t happen until the next day, as all available slots were sold out. The nice weather is interrupted now and then with heavy downpours, and one of them caught up with us while cycling back to the house. Yesterday we visited the Experimentarium, a huge indoor ‘playground’ for kids to experiment with all kinds of things. Y at first didn’t know where to look, there was so much to do.

In between I did a few work related things, such as tax payments, a board decision with the NGO I chair to turn temporary contracts for several team members into permanent ones, and I got some writing about ideas done.

Enjoying coffee and ice cream at the Coffee Collective near Nørreport after visiting Rosenborg castle to see the crown jewels (hence Y wearing a crown). Image by Ton Zijlstra, license CC BY NC SA