This week started with a holiday on Monday, and ended with us celebrating Y’s birthday on Friday and over the weekend, while also attending the memorial service for E’s uncle. It made for an odd mix of emotions, but Y showed herself flexible in the shifting family attention and emotions. The weather in the weekend was beautiful which helped, we even had dinner outside the first time this year.

This week I

  • Moved the various budding vegetable plants and herbs that Y had been growing inside to the outside planters on the balcony and roof terrace
  • Had a conversation with the director of the NGO I chair to do something about the work pressure the tema is experiencing
  • with E started looking for a replacement dishwasher that broke down on Monday.
  • Had the weekly client calls
  • Had the weekly internal call on our citizen science air quality project
  • Did the final preparation for a joint session with the European Commission’s JRC and a client
  • Discussed and planned the next steps for my work on intergovernmental audits with the client
  • Had our monthly all hands meeting
  • Had a meeting with the UK Cabinet Office’s geospatial team on evaluating the costs and benefits of (open) data use
  • Was interviewed by our intern about my participation in the local citizen science group ‘Meet je stad’
  • Cancelled my planned talk on Saturday at a local conference on citizen science and data. It didn’t work out with the attention for and activities of the family, mentioned at the top
  • Had a session with a client and the JRC on implementing the MoU signed between them
  • Landed a new project
  • Planned both my vaccine shots. It seems both of us will be fully vaccinated right when Y’s school closes for the summer. This increases the likelihood we will be able to go somewhere for a few weeks, depending on travel restrictions in neighbouring countries.

The 14th century Torre Guinigi in Lucca, when we visited in 2015. The kitchen garden was on the 45 meter high roof, which also had holm oaks. Image by Ton Zijlstra, license CC-BY-SA