I didn’t work much this week. The first two days were part of our long weekend in the southern part of the Netherlands, spent outdoors enjoying the great weather with the three of us. That left two days for work, and as Y didn’t go to school due to a cold, I spent Friday with her. The weekend was given over to household chores. With autumn now starting we started to move our attention more indoors, to increase comfort there. Over the weekend we started decluttering the shed to make space for the garden furniture that needs to move inside for the winter. As a second wave of the pandemic is appearing around us in the statistics, and as we’ve stayed home this week after our little trip due to Y’s cold and our own accompanying sniffles, I’ve also restocked so we don’t need to go to the supermarket much for the next weeks.

Things I worked on:

  • Had a tooth implant finalised, so I can chew on both sides again after a year of having a missing molar
  • Worked on a province’s data publising platform and accompanying processes
  • Had our monthly meeting with my business partners
  • Sent some invoices, paid salaries to our team
  • Had weekly team meeting with a client
  • Changed the way I work on notes/notions, instead of starting and finishing them one by one, I now keep a dozen or so of them in parallel, making iterative steps in whittling them down to Notions. Most if not all start from my old blogposts taken daily from my ‘on this day in…’ archive, and I copy them over into a proto-note and then work on them piecemeal, splitting off the things that stand out. It works, as I’ve picked up the pace again, writing 80, plus a dozen in progress, in the past two weeks. So I’m well over the slump I experienced before that.

As we visited the ruins of the only Dutch hill top castle from the 14th century last Monday, all the names carved into the soft sand stones stood out. Writing your name on things is of all ages. In this case J Mise from Liege couldn’t resist doing so. 131 years later we still know (s)he was a vandal.