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  1. I guess that’s what I just built 😉


    It’s not only the tool but rather how you use it and what the goals are.

    I imported my old blog posts and have enabled backlinks in them. Just like old notes, I have to process them if I want useful interlinking. But I want to keep my archive living and get some re-use.

    New posts are less likely to be bloggy, in a good way. I can post something that is WIP and work on it for a bit.

    I ended up creating a feed for Recently Updated Notes, and another one for links. Both will likely feel a bit chaotic to subscribe to.

  2. @ton Been thinking for a while to move my wiki underneath my main domain. I def see blog and wiki as part of the same site – which is just ‘my personal homepage’ that happens to have both stream and garden parts.Main thing stopping me is that they are different systems – the stream WordPress (which I like as I get the IndieWeb stuff), the garden a static site (which I like as I can use Emacs). It’s certainly possible, just a bit of a friction.Would be nice to have just one system tho

  3. @neil yes, having separate systems makes sense. I’m more looking at how to present such mixed content on a site, and how to make such a site look more representative of me (maybe not as beautifully quirky as Kicks Condor, but definitely less bland than the instantly recognisable blog and wiki templates. A site structured along my perspective on the world more, perhaps, or somehow conveying the sense of wonder of exploring topics.

  4. @ton Yes I would like to work out that presentation problem too – my stream and garden currently have a very disjointed presentation.I’ve taken the step of intertwining their content much more, in that my stream posts link often to garden pages. But they look still feel very disjoint as you navigate from one to the other.I feel like WordPress isn’t that far off the mark with its posts and pages distinction. But perhaps pages could be powered up to be more wikilike in how one can edit them.


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