A pretty regular week, although my day rhythm wasn’t as steady as I wanted. Slept in a few times (meaning 7 or 8 am).

This week I

  • Did part of the bookkeeping for Q2, as tax returns are to be submitted next week
  • Looked into my company’s LimeSurvey instance, and wrote a document describing our information security measures around it, for a client
  • Worked my way through some old presentations I gave, to take out the ideas and concepts and put them into notes
  • Paid the salaries for our team
  • Had an extended confcall discussing macro-economic effects of open data, for the EU study we’re invovled in.
  • Worked with the director of an NGO I’m chairing to transfer their work as they leave for another position, and discussed a few applicants for the position
  • Had an almost 2 hour conversation with Boris Mann, which we recorded to see if we want to publish it, discussing stuff that interests us both.
  • Discussed how to bring in general change management notions, information ethics considerations, and a much broader view of data governance than usual into the process and vocabulary of the digital transformation team of a client
  • Created some slides for a workshop next week, but found it harder to do the second part of those slides, so that’s the first thing for coming week
  • Cycled into town with the three of us, just to see the city and people going about their own lives.
  • Went out for dinner with the three of us Saturday evening.

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