Another week entirely dedicated to finishing up a client report. The first part I finished Monday, but then I was completely stuck in the second part, and I could not see a way out of the hole I dug for myself. Discussing it with my consortium partners for this project helped a lot, and brought to the fore that the clue to a solution lay in an observation I had already made in the draft report. Once unstuck, I finally could progress. It still took way too many hours, including this weekend, but at least the stress of being stuck was gone. Thanks to Elmine for accepting my weeks long exile in my home office. I even found the time this week to start with the next phase of the project, so that the delay on this part does not carry over into the next stage.

This week I:

  • Worked full time and then some on the mentioned client report.
  • Did some bookkeeping, preparing the May invoicing
  • Had a meeting with our MT
  • Discussed an ongoing client project concerning a data publication platform
  • Had two meetings for another client on digital transformation
  • Planned interviews for the next stage of the EU High Value data study I’m involved in
  • Had the winter tires on the car changed, finally. We returend from a skiing trip in the French Alps days before the first Corona patient was detected in the Netherlands, and soon after the lockdown happened. This was the first opportunity. The tires won’t have suffered much, I’m already doing 2 months with one tank of petrol.
  • Received a Philips PicoPix Max beamer. I ordered it last October, or rather two, as part of an IndieGogo funding campaign. Originally planned for delivery by the end of the year, it was delayed until after Chinese New Year. By then the factories were closed due to the pandemic, so production really only started late March again. One received, and first impressions are good. The second one seems to have been lost by DHL
  • I dumped Facebook and Whatsapp

How working on the report felt these past weeks

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  1. I am interested in your experiences with your new beamer: with the cinemas closed, and likely closed for some time, and the drive-in theatre showed reheated old movies (not their fault: no new films are being released), I’ve been thinking about using our newly-dog-free back yard to show movies for neighbours, and getting a beamer (way better name, by the way, than the North American “screen projector”) to facilitate this.

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