Words you don’t want to hear… “we have lost your package”. Words you don’t want to hear after that… “if after a few more days you don’t hear anything, contact the sender, to ask us to start searching for it”. If you already know it’s missing, why not search now? Oh DHL, why are you so crap? Consistent over the years, I’ll give you that, but still it’s consistently crap.

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  1. There is something about DHL, isn’t there! One Christmas they failed abjectly at communication, leaving us without holiday parcels. On Christmas Eve I tracked down the location of the local depot — not disclosed anywhere by DHL — and lucked into finding the last employee still there. He hunted around and found my parcels for me, and saved Christmas in the process.

  2. I think it also depends on who is driving the truck. Saw the same guy now a few times, and since then it is somewhat better here. (There was a time when they would ring the doorbell -or not- and just immediately walk away again, oftentimes not even bothering to fill out the form that they stuffed down the mailbox.)

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