Bookmarked Our Life In Times of COVID-19 (David Orban)
I have been in full lockdown in Italy, outside of Bergamo in the North, which has the highest concentration of infected people and fatal cases, for the past two weeks. The streets are empty. There …

My blogging friend David Orban lives close to Bergamo, the epicenter of Italy’s Covid19 epidemic. I had been wondering how he was doing, and last week he posted an update. It reads as an odd mix of being comfortable at home in the spring, a lazy Sunday that in Italy has been stretching over 3 weeks now, personal concerns over family, and the awful realisation that the silence outside actually conveys the enormity of it all:

Since there is no traffic, [ambulances] don’t even use the sirens, in order not to unnerve you. The churches stopped ringing their bells when people die, as it would just keep ringing.

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  1. @ton Quick query: the last blog entry I’ve seen in my Feedbin feed was 21 Feb … unsubscribed/resubscribed using the feed link on your site, to no avail. I haven’t seen any of your March postings in my feed reader; any idea why at your end?

  2. @achurchassoc thank you for alertnig me Ric, I had a few others reporting the same. It turns out my hosting provider is blocking several feedreaders, including Feedbin, as ‘bad bots’ so calling the feed 403’s. I submitted a ticket yesterday evening, and will also look into providing a feed through a third party service.

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