A regular week.

  • Did a session with Elmine on assisting each other to be more effective
  • Met and had a long conversation with Wilma Haan, the new director of the Open State Foundation who will start in March.
  • Had a conversation with Marco Derksen, hadn’t talked to him in a long time. We have very different networks but strong overlap in our interests and curiosity.
  • Worked two days for a province
  • Booked travel to visit Peter Rukavina‘s unconference on PEI in June
  • Finalised registering the Dutch Creative Commons chapter Open Nederland with the chamber of commerce and set up a bank account for it
  • Started designing three workshop formats, one on determining the data that has a bearing on your policy issue, one on stakeholder mapping around a policy issue, and one on data ethics within the context of your policy issue and its stakeholders
  • Re-acquainted myself with my World Bank work for the Malaysian government, as we are gearing up for a new engagement.
  • Formulated some first ideas on how to present the open data impact measurement framework I created for the UNDP in Serbia, for my presentation at Open Belgium in Brussels in 2 weeks time.