An early start this Monday at 6 am, for a conference call with colleagues in both Malaysia and the USA. Our time zones are 6-7 hours apart, with me in the middle, so it was late night in Washington and afternoon in Kuala Lumpur. I like this type of balancing of the timing so it just about works for all involved.

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  1. A week that was both ordinary and not at all. Posting this from a Brussels hotel where I will be presenting at the Open Belgium Conference early Monday morning.

    The week started very early with a phone conference with colleagues in Malaysia and the USA
    Did the final edit of a report on data goverance for a client
    Worked on a transparency benchmark for provinces, looking at the first results to inform the next iteration
    Worked on tying policy efforts of an economics department to potential open data solutions
    Worried about and cared for a hospitalised family member, shuttling other family members back and forth to hospital
    Prepared my slides for my Open Belgium talk
    Did some geeking/hacking on geolocations in this blog

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