Sometime last year I had a conversation with a friend who told me he was starting a new company together with his wife. I thought it was an inspiring and intriguing step, and also a logical extension of thinking of the household as an economic unit (after all, economics, after Aristotle(‘s student)’s work titled Οἰκονομικά, oikonimika, means household management).

We’re in a similar situation, both of us working as independent professionals. Regularly there are things where one of us might support the other with something, so both of us can be more effective in our work.

Today we sat down for a first scheduled and real conversation about how to augment each other’s efforts, and what steps to take. It is in part also a result of our sessions with our financial planner, which showed us the importance of more closely looking at our household as an economic unit, and less as two separate working individuals.

Some first actions have been formulated, and I hope we can keep up these conversations and sparring sessions.

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  1. This week was the first full working week in the new year and I had to get used to getting back into a rhythm.
    This week I

    Worked on finalising a data governance project
    Worked on a transparency benchmark framework for a client
    Worked on procurement conditions regarding data sovereignty for a client
    Sat down with Elmine to see how we can augment each other’s work

    Arranged a variety of meetings and conversations across my network for the coming weeks
    Had a lovely dinner at Klaas’s and Amarens’s with the other witnesses and their partners of their marriage last summer in Tuscany

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