The Digital Agenda for Europe is going local across Europe. To translate the high level goals and actions to tangible steps and projects locally, connecting to, interacting with and getting feedback of citizens and stakeholder groups ‘on the ground’ is needed.
Therefore the DAE is also going local in the Netherlands.
With three events and on-line interaction a bridge is being build to groups and sectors: youth, the ICT sector, partners in the information society, and the local public sector.
Youth on the Move
The first event ‘Youth on the Move’ already took place, and centered on what Europe means for young people who are growing up in the digital age.
ICT Delta: research and innovation
ICT Delta, a large scale conference on ICT research and innovation, takes place on November 16th. The Going Local team will be hosting a session titled “The future of ICT research in Europe” to collect suggestions and improvements for the Horizon 2020 programme, the EU funding programme for ICT research. In parallel many other topics will be discussed, ranging from ICT in healthcare, ICT in energy, to ICT for the creative industry and open government data. An excellent place to encounter many different perspectives!
ECP-EPN: information society
The very next day, November 17th, the ECP-EPN yearly conference takes place. ECP-EPN is a ‘platform for the information society’, and the conference has three broad themes, ‘the future’, ‘society’ and ‘application’. Going Local 2011 is one of four side events on the program. The Ministry for Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation, together with the European Commission are hosting an interactive session about the Digital Agenda and its connection to the Dutch Digital Agenda, and the Digital Cities Agenda. One year down the road of implementing the DAE, the question is if you have felt positive impact, what can be improved, and how the DAE can contribute to a better social and economic climate in both the Netherlands and the EU. Are we together succeeding in making the DAE practical on a local level?
Add your thoughts! Ask your questions!
You can ask questions or add your suggestions to the November 17th session by sending them in now! Ask your questions about the Digital Agenda for Europe, the Netherlands and your own city. Use this form, and your input will be part of the Going Local event at the ECP-EPN conference.
Add your thoughts and follow the discussion on-line as well, using the #daelocal_nl tag.
(full disclosure: I have been asked to support the on-line visibility of the DAE ‘going local’ by blogging and tweeting about it, and am getting a small payment for it. Doing this fits with my personal activities around open government data, and allows me to try and align the Dutch open government data discussion better with other policy initiatives of the Dutch (local) public sector: making open data relevant to government itself.)