I have been playing around with using ads in my postings these past few months. The ads come from Adgenta and can be incorporated into my postings when I use my Qumana editor. As this is all experimental I am eager to share whatever experiences I have with ads on this site.
Today I looked at my site and saw an ad for “genuine replicas” of Switch watches. This raises my suspicion. The url for the ad is the same as in spam e-mail messages I have been getting by the dozens daily in these past weeks leading up to Christmas. Apparantly we should all be giving these fake watches to each other for Christmas. No thank you, I removed the ad immediately. (Even though the line “don’t settle for a cheap fake” made me laugh. Yeah, let’s all go out and buy expensive fakes!)

I do have some questions to Adgenta for Christmas however:
Are advertisers vetted before being admitted into the programme?
How come this obvious spammer selling possibly illegal products is advertising on my site through your programme?
What are you going to do about filtering out these ads?
How are you going to assure me that this won’t happen again?
Adgenta wants to put control with the blogger, which sounds like good thinking to me. Let’s see how we can work this out.

[UPDATE] Have been in touch with the people of Adgenta (thanks for the quick response folks!). They are taking this as a serious problem which can be a major threat to their credibility. The ads itself are delivered to Adgenta by Miva, one of the biggest on-line advertising supply networks. Adgenta is trying to get Miva to react to this stat.

One reaction on “What’s Up Adgenta?

  1. I’ve downloaded the Qumana blogging tool and kinda suspicious what’s behind the “free software” tactics since the websites doesn’t have “free software” look and feels (different aura that most veteran download addicts can detect lol..)
    It’s the agenta ads account that led me to this post (one of many actually). The idea is great IMO but I’m waiting for more answers for the doubts that arouse.

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