In the coming month I will be going cold-turkey from my on-line activities. No blogging, no messaging, no e-mailing even. Time for reading (of the book variety) and writing (using pen and paper!), taking a break from it all, and in between we’ll go away for a bit as well.
In the mean time, if you’re looking for interesting voices, have a look at the blogroll, or explore the archives for interesting links, but I trust you will have enough exciting stuff coming your way anyhow.
To prevent me from having to log into the webserver at least once a day to kick out the spammers, I will be disabling both comments and trackbacks for my entire site for the period I am off-line as of tomorrow. I will switch them back on somewhere in August, when I return to this blog.
Enjoy the summer!

2 reactions on “Going Off-line

  1. Enjoy you vacation! I’ve allowed myself one week where I can play with all my toys and then three weeks of being completely off-line. I know from previous years the shaking stops after a couple of days. 😉

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