Ok, one more posting before going off-line 🙂
It is our (Lilia’s, Sebastian’s and mine) pleasure to announce another BlogWalk in North-America: Seattle. Local hosts will be Nancy White, whom I had the great pleasure to meet in Amsterdam last year, and Lilia Efimova herself.
As always this BlogWalk is by invitation only, but it is usually not very hard to get one. Go see the BlogWalk wiki for more details, and contact Lilia or Nancy if you’re interested in taking part.
Date is September 2nd, most likely, and the theme will circle around unconferencing, open space, and how on-line blogging exchanges migrate to face to face meetings.
There are also BlogWalks in the works for Dresden, Germany and Limerick, Eire. More about that when I return to this space, or keep an eye on the wiki.
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