Exactly sixty years ago World War II ended for the Netherlands. Probably for the last time some two thousand primarily Canadian veterans are revisiting the villages and towns they helped liberate in our region. It must be strange and overwhelming for them. From the train I regularly ride to the Hague, I saw several villages where all houses were flying a Dutch and Canadian flag in their front yards.

Tonight we honor all those who died for freedom in World War II and all those who died in armed conflict since then with two minutes of silence at 8 pm.
Tomorrow we celebrate our freedom, with music festivals and other festivities all over the country.
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One reaction on “Freedom

  1. I’ve always loved how the relationship between Canada and the Netherlands has been sustained over all the years. It’s a special bond.
    When I lived in Ottawa, this time of year was always enlivened by the millions of tulips sent to our capital by the Netherlands. It’s a gift that has been sent every year since the end of the war to thank Canada for sheltering the Dutch royal family and for the role our soldiers played in liberating the Netherlands.
    It was a wonderful reminder of the friendship that exists between the two countries. As time passes, I hope the relationship built in 1945 will continue and not be lost in the pastiche of globalization and the march of time.

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