Kaye Tramell writesI’m going to try my best, but the SXSW Interactive program actually suggests that attendees STOP blogging & start interacting“.
Apparantley SXSW organizers feel much the way Marysia Milonas felt during last years BlogTalk. (Also see Lilia’s reflections on this)
It also echoes something Sebastian Fiedler said the other day in a phone conversation with Lilia Efimova and myself. We talked about whether or not to provide connectivity during the BlogWalk meeting. We decided not to, as to strengthen peoples connection to what goes on in the room face to face, and let people blog afterwards. Sebastian then said “We don’t want them to report, we want them to reflect“.
So I guess this is the new question we have to ask ourselves when going to a meeting. Am I here to report? Or am I here to participate, and reflect on it later.

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  1. We’ve had similar experiences at our BlogMeets in Hamburg. Our first meeting was at a bar with wifi. We decided we didn’t like the distraction, and have gone without connectivity at our subsequent get-togethers.

  2. There’s something about laptop notetaking that distracting enough in a conference setting. If someone is paying more attention to what they think about what is being presented, so they can pontificate on it — or even just report on it — with sufficient quality for a public blog, then they are, in my opinion, taking that distraction right up to the border of rudeness.
    My preference is to take notes, then blog on what I’ve sat in on during lunch or in the evening. This, IMHO, is more polite, and it also provides time for the content to sink in and allow a refined response.
    Who really needs real-time reporting of most meetings and conferences, other than the ego of the reporter?

  3. Realtimeblogging from a conference makes sense if you invite blogreaders into the event. But then the technique should adapt completle.
    Boards with postits would be electronic boards and maybe the blogger ought to be perfect in feeding his blog. So he won’t experience a difference between paper and pen to a keyboard.
    Everything else is in fact nonsense.

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