Yesterday I have added Google Adsense to this blog. After I was turned down when Adsense started I forgot all about it. Until I got an e-mail by the Dutch Google team that said that my request was now approved. It turned out that the original reason to turn it down was that my site was in Dutch, which is true of course for the root-page. Everything else is mostly English. Anyway, since they offered, I decide to go ahead and try it. I bet I will be rich fast. The last two days I made a whopping $0.06, which with the current weak dollar is even closer to zero in Euro’s.
Let me know what you think, is it annoying, have you had interesting experiences with GoogleAdsense?

2 reactions on “Google Adsense Added

  1. Ton,
    it’s almost unnoticeable at the bottom of your page, so it’s hard to be annoyed 🙂
    I thought of trying the same. After redesigning my weblog :)))

  2. I put google adsense and have made a few bucks per month from it. It certainly isn’t paying the bills, but it isn’t an annoyance either.

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