After Stuart Henshall wrote about Skype in the last few days, I decided to try it out. So today I got myself a headset for the pc, and had the Skype software installed. Haven’t made any calls yet, but I am curious if this will add another dimension to the blog: being able to talk to the author directly. Thus far I know Stuart, Dina and Phil have Skype.
If I’m online, your welcome to give me a call.

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  1. One thing I need to add to my Skype button is a clock so anyone can see my time zone. I’ll try calling you or vice versa tomorrow morning. I’m PST thus 9 hours behind.

  2. Hi Ton.
    I tried looking you up on Skype. Directory problems seem to be the big bugaboo right now. For a technology that is intended to connect people, they really need to get the directory services working.
    Stuart’s idea of a little clock on the site is a good idea — especially since Skype’s online/offline indicators seem to be wrong most of the time. But I figure I’m about six hours behind you. Maybe we can chat on Sunday.
    You can ring me at terrywfrazier. Let’s get together.
    — twf

  3. Hi Ton – was really neat talking – its nice to put a voice to someone I connect with thru my blog. I’m pretty sure it can add value 🙂

  4. Dave Pollard (davepollard) of How to Save the World is on Skype too. He was my (indigoocean) first call and it was crystal clear – Hawaii to Canada! Though much of the time I am online I am actually trying to get off as soon as possible so probably wouldn’t want to slice a phone conversation in, there is something really great about having heard another blogger’s voice. Now when I read Dave’s posts and comments I “hear” his voice speaking the words. Much more relational, which I believe is what we are after in the new, more connected way of life we are trying to create.

  5. Skype is cool, but its not full duplex which makes conversations a challenge at times (especially when the connection is lagging). Also, my experience has been that its a got the standard phone communication mentality about it which means that people expect only really expect to get called by someone they know which results in the usual “who are you… do I know you… comments”. Its a lot less like chat rooms where you can just say “hi” and start chatting away.
    As some of you have noted, the directory function needs urgent attention. Internet ‘presence’ is the killer functionality in instant messaging software so this should be addressed real quick – I got so many time outs trying to find someone to talk to because the directory was out of date.
    On the plus side, the callto link integration is a stroke of genius! It can only get better from here!
    If you’d like to chat, call me on xponential.

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