On November 10th-12th the annual KM in Europe conference will take place, this year at the RAI in Amsterdam. (see my November and December archives for entries on last years conference)
I plan to be there for the full three days. KM in Europe is a great opportunity to meet face to face, next to attending worthwile lectures and workshops, and I fully intend to take that opportunity.

Please let me know, via e-mail, in the comment section, trackback ping, or through Skype if and when you will be at the KM in Europe conference. That way we can make sure beforehand we’ll be able to meet face to face. Face to face time is precious, so knowing who’ll be there enables me to make every conversation more worthwile, to you and to myself.

4 reactions on “KM in Europe in 7 weeks

  1. Ton,
    will attend but not sure what days. Since I live in Amsterdam, it’s easier for me to come and go. Perhaps we should throw in a post-event gathering and drinks at my place ­čśë

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