In the last two days the blog has been hit by automated commentspam. Since deleting them by hand is tedious, especially since I more or less feel obligated to correct the problem at the moment I find out about it, I’ve been looking for dealing with it.
I found (don’t know where I saw it, but whoever pointed me towards it Thanks!) this description of making comment spam disappear from sight, by Jay Allen.
I followed instructions but can’t get it to work properly. I get syntax errors with the code Jay provides. So for now: automated spam will still show up.
But then again it will only provide a test case to see if the hack works.

2 reactions on “Comment Spam

  1. Contact me by email and give me a full description of what is happening and I will help you through it.
    It’s probably something very simple, because it’s not difficult to set up. (There aren’t a lot of moving parts) Read this and this.

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