Last tended on 20 September, 2021 (first created 20 September, 2021)

A (short) list of applications that were very useful to me at one time, but then went away or astray. The question is, could one redo these in a current and useful way?

  • Dopplr: showing simple travel plans (city and dates) to facilitate serendipitous meet-ups outside your regular movements. (went away after being acquired)
  • Delicious: social bookmarking (went astray by dropping/breaking-by-redoing the social functionality, then went away). Have a project on the shelf to redo this for myself, called Linqurator.
  • Skype: p2p voip (went astray by dropping p2p in favor of centralised servers, after acquisition by Microsoft). See this and this posting asking questions about the current p2p voip space.

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