Last tended on 30 December, 2019 (first created 30 December, 2019)

This is a project I started in December 2019 for myself. The goal is to create my own “ideal” bookmarking tool. If and when it works it might be useful as a service to others too. I optimistically registered a domain name for that eventuality:

I see three layers to it:

  1. individual bookmark collections,
  2. a social layer like Delicious used to have,
  3. and a visualisation and analysis layer.

The latter is something that currently doesn’t exist as far as I’m aware (though examples of analysing / visualising bookmark collections do exist, just not as a regular feature of a bookmarking tool)

Key elements I am taking as starting points for the design:

  • Can be used offline (working with bookmarks that is, not the bookmarking itself obviously)
  • Fully based on PHP/Mysql as most commonly available web infrastructure
  • Useful stand-alone
  • More useful if connected to others (why?)
  • Using IndieWeb protocols for connection and interaction where useful
  • GDPR compliant, and on EU based servers (why?)

First I will attempt to build something I can and want to use myself. After that I’ll decide on adding the ‘social’ part, and beyond that the visualisation / analytical part across multiple collections.
I want to approach this in a number of small sprints, otherwise it will never happen. Two week sprints, with 13 of them to get to a working prototype for myself.

The first sprint is doing a first general plan working backwards from the imagined final service to first steps.

Currently imagined elements to sprint towards:

  1. General plan working backwards from imagined result
  2. Basic database design
  3. Basic API creation
  4. Import my Delicious archive through API
  5. Display page
  6. First add bookmark form
  7. First bookmarklet
  8. Basic timeline view of bookmarks and tags
  9. First search form
  10. Attempt Threading, for e.g. a Linkpost, or as input for a draft blog posting
  11. Parse original metadata / microformats of a bookmark
  12. Put a saved bookmark in for a permanent external reference (might not work for paywalled pages)
  13. Save the full page of a bookmark locally (to not bump into linkrot/paywall later, and for local full text search options)

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