Favorited Rocket.Chat Leverages The Matrix Protocol for Decentralized and Interoperable Communications (Rocket.chat press release 25-05-2022)

This press release by Rocket.chat is interesting to me for several reasons, despite it being written in marketing speak as press releases tend to do.

  • My company uses a self-hosted Rocket.chat instance for internal communication since 2019, for reasons of information hygiene.
  • It positions Matrix as the way of bringing federation and interoperability to Rocket.chat.
  • It leads with e-mail’s SMTP protocol as a useful example of federation.
  • It cites the interoperability requirements for chat that the EU Digital Markets Act requires as evidence that there’s a growing market need for both openness and data control in inter-company collaboration.
  • It states “Big Tech may say that this cross-communication isn’t technically feasible, but Matrix and others prove” otherwise.
  • With those statements it’s directly speaking against the gaslighting Meta did earlier about the EU Digital Markets Act

It seems to me even before its adoption the Digital Markets Act is showing signs of working as intended: breaking monopolistic behaviour by demanding a.o. interoperability.

HT Stephen Downes.

The Rocket.Chat adoption of Matrix makes it simple for organizations to easily connect with external parties, whether they’re using Rocket.Chat or any other Matrix compatible platform. This initiative is another step forward on Rocket.Chat’s journey to let every conversation flow without compromise and enable full interoperability with its ecosystem….The importance of openness and data control in inter-company collaboration is growing. The European Union’s recent Digital Markets Act to limit the market power of large online chat and messaging platforms is evidence of this need.

Rocket.chat press release