Bookmarked Obsidian Outlining (video by Nick Milo)

While watching the bookmarked video Nick Milo’s remark about being a left-handed keyboard ninja stood out. He has the mouse in his right hand, and so wants his hotkeys best positioned for his left hand. Using the keyboard without needing to leave the mouse speeds up your usage. This is akin to how I increased my gaming skills in the early PC era, keys optimised for one hand, mouse in the other. I have a Wacom pen tablet on the left hand side, yet do most keyboard shortcuts also with my left hand (perhaps a holdover from when I had the mouse on the right, but I also had the mouse on the left longtime). I now mapped some hotkeys also to combinations on the right hand side (some are already mapped to both sides, as they rely on things like shift, command and option keys), and started practicing them. Let’s see how long it takes for me to train the other hand, and I become a right-handed keyboard ninja!

it’s important to become a left-handed keyboard ninja

Nick Milo