I was off to a sluggish start this week, but it also had some highlights. I am carefully trying to pace myself, and take more adequate rests in between.

This week I

  • Planned travel to Brussels for end of next week where I will speak about the evolution of open data in the context of the EU single market for data and data spaces at a conference
  • Reflected on what I need from my company and colleagues at this moment in light of my burn-out
  • Participated in a half day session about the intergovernmental data strategy and the national government federated data infrastructure.
  • Had the weekly client meetings.
  • Spent a day at the office, and had our monthly all-hands half day session with my colleagues. While I dreaded it somewhat upfront, I found myself enjoying it a lot, it was good to be amongst my team.
  • Had a nice and quiet lunch with E.
  • Had conversations about the governance of the Dutch geo-information infrastructure, and with the JRC about ongoing research and work wrt the European common data spaces.
  • Had a first conversation with a psychologist to help me work through the patterns underneath feeling burned-out.
  • Allowed myself a lot of time for fiction reading
  • Had lunch with Y at the fishmonger’s at her request, and having a chat during lunch.
  • Caught up with longtime blog friend Frank Meeuwsen and his partner, who came to visit.

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