I feel in need of a break, but not much like that is forthcoming. We looked at going away for a bit, but anything pleasant is unavailable as we’re not the only ones looking for a place to enjoy spring. Yet, I feel stuck and in a funk still.

This week I

  • Met payroll
  • Had the weekly client meetings
  • Got invited to do the opening presentation at an event in Flanders end of May
  • Discussed the planning and budget for the interprovincial ethics committee
  • Prepared and gave a session on EU data developments for a group at the municipality of Groningen.
  • Spent half a day at the office, catching up with former colleague M, and having a reflective conversation with 2 colleagues about my current work and personal development. My current mood made me a bit cynical about myself I think.
  • Went to Roy Scholten’s workshop to pick up the boxes that Peter and Lisa printed there last week.
  • Did a deep dive in the data sharing service chapter of the Data Governance Act, and how the Flemish government owned enterprise Athumi is designed according to it.
  • Had a conversation with the AI policy team at the Ministry for the Interior to discuss how to align the provincial efforts with the national level policy efforts.
  • Took Y to a first testing lesson of a singing group.
  • Went for dinner at a pancake restaurant with E and Y as the kick-off of the two weeks Y has free from school.
  • Spent Saturday outside in the neighbourhood and in the city, as it was King’s day. Y performed on her ukelele in public, which I thought was quite impressive (doing it I mean, less the music). We enjoyed the festive mood in town, and it was also pleasant to bump into multiple people we know just walking around town. A sign we are growing roots here.

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