I started the week with several days of headaches, thinking I might have caught what E had the days before. I stayed at home mostly because of it. In the second half of the week my head cleared.

This week I

  • Discussed the Digital Europe Program with a client and the national statistics office.
  • Spent quite a bit of time on getting a steer on things again, doing a GTD-style mindsweep and figuring out the things that need doing. Mentally I’m very much not on top of things or myself at the moment.
  • Had the weekly client meetings
  • Dived into the High Value Data regulation anew, w.r.t. environmental data and whether or not to only include structured data.
  • Screwed up a Limesurvey update, shouldn’t have started it with the headache I had. It failed in the last step which corrupted the instance. Sometime the coming days I need to figure out how to put back the back-up I made beforehand.
  • Finished some tinkering with my feed reader, so that it displays groups of feeds the same it does in my FreshRSS instance. My feedreader is built on top of FreshRSS. My FreshRSS instance fetches the feeds, and my little reader fetches items from it and displays them with a response form that can post to my sites, my local notes and annotations. That way I can respond and post to my site while reading feeds. Put the scripts up on GitHub. They probably are of limited to use to other people because they hard code the templates I use for certain posting types and my internal notes.
  • Had a job interview with a candidate at our offices. Briefly met another candidate I didn’t interview the next day.
  • Had an introductory conversation with the ACM (the Authority for Consumers and Markets, the competition authority), the competent authority to be for the Data Governance Act and Data Act and member of the European Data Innovation Board because of that role.
  • Had a board meeting of the ActivityClub non-profit I helped found this month.
  • Spent the weekend hanging out with Peter, L and L who were visiting from Canada. We had lunch Saturday at our place and chatted, before strolling through the Amersfoort city center later in the afternoon. The weather was cold and many little but intensive rain showers, so we ended up for an early dinner in a restaurant in town. Sunday we met up over coffee in Utrecht and then explored the city center a bit, starting at the Lego shop, having lunch, saw a bit of the Roman remains that mark the start of Utrecht, enjoying the canals in the sun, having a drink in a pub, before catching a train home at Vaartsche Rijn station near my company’s offices. It was a huge pleasure to just spend time in conversation and hanging around with them, letting conversations meander as they want.

Peter and E having a conversation on the streets of Utrecht, amidst the parked bicycles.

2 reactions on “Week Notes 16-24

  1. It was a delight to finally meet you, Ton. Peter has talked about you and your family so often since I met him.

    Thank you for hosting us. We loved Amersfoort and Utrecht. And we really enjoyed our time in Hillversum too. You connecting us with Roy Scholten to help us design and print a special Dutch edition of boxes for our “This Box is for Good” project was a great thing!

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