The final working week of the year. Luckily both E and Y are better again by now, and this round it passed me by. The next two weeks I’ll be taking off.
This week I

  • Approached a number of potential speakers for the European PKM Summit, planned for March in Utrecht.
  • Visited a client’s Christmas party.
  • Hosted and co-facilitated the 5th Dutch Obsidian users meet-up as part of the bimonthly meet-up of the Dutch Royal Association of Information Professionals. They meet every two months around the topic of personal knowledge management, and this time Obsidian was the topic. We had about 40 participants, and many shared their workflows on the two large screens we had available.
  • Had the weekly client meetings.
  • Did a reading of the proposed Duth law implementing the Open Data Directive as it was planned to be discussed in Parliament and we had been approached to be available in the background for questions from the civil servants involved during the debate with minister. The debate got postponed though.
  • Had a conversation about the impact of the EU high value data regulation for municipalities. While they are the formal data holder for some of the data involved, they typically aren’t the provider for them, as there generally are platforms providing national coverage of the same data or the data is otherwise pooled at the Cadastre.
  • Had a planning meeting for a meet-up of various public sector digital ethics committees (I am the assistant to one) next spring, as part of the intergovernmental data strategy program.
  • Had a reflection session with a colleague about how they look back at 2023. Postponed a similar conversation about me to January.
  • Had a half day team meet-up about the distribution of tasks internally for next year.
  • Paid out the salaries.
  • Had a lovely vegan Christmas dinner with our company at the home of colleague F. There was a small gift for each of us, all different games, which were distributed by a game too.
  • Had a first conversation with a small company doing generaitve AI development work for start-ups. In the coming months I plan to learn more from them about the different actors, domains, and themes, with a focus on Europe. This to see where our government clients might be interested, as currently everyone is only aware of whatever is visible in the media. I think there is much more interesting stuff going on, but that takes some exploration.
  • Went to the printing workshop of Roy Scholten to pick up a few prints he made using Lego letterpress. We had planned for some time to buy some, and realised when The Guardian wrote about his work last weekend we had to act fast.
  • Took Y to her Christmas dinner with her classmates.
  • Had lunch in town with E and Y to mark the beginning of Y’s school vacation.
  • Made the final preparations for a few Christmas gifts for E and Y.

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