An intensive week but the end is in sight. By mid December things will start to wind down, and I’ve stopped accepting new meetings until early January.

This week I

  • Spent most of the week in Brussels for the INSPIRE conference hosted by the EC, leaving Monday morning. Monday evening had dinner with three colleagues at the tiny Osteria I had found in 2019 after an Edge Ryders evening with Cory Doctorow, and wanted to return to. High intensity sessions and conversations meant that upon my return Thursday I was very tired. Eurostar has taken over the Thalys train, and I found the service worse than before.
  • Had a meeting with the board we’re forming of a non-profit meant to be the vehicle for a Dutch Mastodon instance ( and other ActivityPub efforts.
  • Hosted a half day meet-up and general assembly of the Open Nederland association of Creative Commons using makers. The meet-up focused on projects members are working on and have questions around or can use help with. I had made my company’s offices available as meeting place, and we also had a good group participating onlne.
  • Presented the 2024-2027 plans for the interprovincial ethics committee together with its chairperson to the advisory body that is key in deciding on funding. It seemed to go well, but there are more steps to take.
  • Spent the weekend with E’s family at her brother’s home. We had the Sinterklaas party (the variety where each one has bought a gift for one other family member and packaged it in a ‘surprise’ meaning some funny object. I had created a jumbo sized iphone, in which the slot for the sim card held the actual gift.) We planned to stay the night, but even if we hadn’t we still would have. Ice rain made the roads unsafe until well into Sunday.

The Berlaymont building of the European Commission this week

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