A pretty regular week. This week I

  • Had conversations getting to know a few new people, one a cooperative of data consultants, another a lawyer for a province about data legislation.
  • Solved a hiccup in getting one client’s invoices paid.
  • Had a yearly review conversation with one of our team, about their work and their course for the coming year.
  • Had a steering group meeting for the ethics project we are doing for the association of provinces.
  • Had the weekly client meetings
  • Had the monthly half-day all hands meet-up with our team.
  • Participated in the three-weekly interprovincial working group for digital ethics.
  • Presented in the interprovincial program board for innovation and digitisation.
  • Participated in the Public Tech unconference, bringing together the Code for NL community and civil servants around the topic of developing and deploying technology for public issues. It was here that I received some moving feedback.
  • Took Y to her swimming lesson.
  • Improved my feed reading client connected to FreshRSS. Still using the Fever API it now fetches only the unread items and shows them in reverse chronological order. A missing piece is marking items read from within my reading client.

The inner courtyard of the offices of the South-Holland provincial government in The Hague