I’ve created a small Alfred workflow to find a note name (folderpath/filename.md) in my Obsidian vault, and put it in markdown as link ([[filename]]) on my clipboard. It’s available on github now. If you use both Alfred and Obsidian (or some other markdown tool), it may be of use.

The use case is this: I annotate webarticles in hypothes.is. Those annotations end up in my file system in markdown where I use them in Obsidian. Therefore it is useful to me to link to existing Obsidian notes while I’m annotating, and not leave that until I encounter the annotation in Obsidian again (see an example). That way an annotation is already linked to some existing material, and not a lonely note in my collection of clippings. Having links in annotations at the same time increases the likelihood I will encounter them again naturally as I interact with my notions.

Until now I did this by searching in Obsidian and then copy-pasting that into hypothes.is adding the [[ ]] mark-up for an internal link.

This morning Frank mailed me to ask about my links in annotations. While I answered his mail I realised it would be easy to put the search and paste into an Alfred workflow, so that I don’t need to leave the browser/hypothes.is interface to add a link to an Obsidian note. Thank you for the nudge Frank!

One reaction on “Finding an Obsidian Note and Paste Link in Annotation

  1. Hello Ton,
    related to note search – I’ve recently discovered this web browser plugin (for Joplin, but maybe there’s something similar for Obsidian, I haven’t checked): https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/joplin-search-integration/

    It integrates into search pages (google, bing, baidu, duck, … ). When I google something, the same query is searched within my Joplin notes and the results displayed right alongside the web results in a separate column.
    It has never occurred to me to want this before, but I think it’s quite an ingenious idea.

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