We have a wide range of Hue lights in our home. They’re programmable for different times of day and settings.
The default behaviour is that after having been without power they light up bright and white.
This is true when you toggle the physical wall switch, but also after a power outage.

When we leave home for a longer time we use the physical switches to power off all lights.
Power outages during the night however mean all the lights in the house come on. And power outages are now occurring a few times a year as the networks are apparantly struggling with the load balancing required for distributed electricity generation. As happened last night. E noticed, I slept through it all, and switched everything off again.

An online search revealed it is possible to change the behaviour of the Hue lights when power comes back on. However because this default behaviour is stored on the lightbulb you have to set it for all Hue bulbs separately. In the Hue app in Settings, go to Lights where you’ll find all the bulbs listed. Go to each one and set Power On to ‘power loss recovery’. That way the lights will return to the setting (on or off) they had when the power went off. (The other options are the default full brightness, the last lighting setting getting switched on, or a custom setting getting switched on)

Dinner during a power outage last December

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  • 💬 Sebastiaan Andeweg