The first work week of this year was a filled one. As is implied by sparse blogging (like the last few months which were very busy too). However it looks like this was the last peak, and the coming weeks allow more time to actually focus on a few things, not just running to the next deadline.

This week I

  • Prepared some talking points and had a conversation with the new board member of a client, about the work I do for them
  • Had a meeting with my businesspartners discussing the final financial numbers of 2022 and determining the yearly bonus for the team. We had about 10% more turnover than last year.
  • Later in the week had another meeting to finish the 2023 budgeting. Salaries are rising significantly, as we’re indexing in line with the statistics office inflation figure for 2022, and there are the regular yearly increases for our team members. Our portfolio is well filled however and if we do the work, in terms of turnover should be more than ok to cover those salaries.
  • Did a lot of small things and several meetings to do the final preparations for a meeting with a minister next week. Quite amazing the level of preparation and detailed planning that goes into such working visits.
  • Had the weekly client meetings
  • Started the week with a empty-my-head exercise to create an overview of all the things going on in the various projects I’m involved in, and to choose the starting and focus points after returning from holidays.
  • Had a pleasant conversation with Frank Meeuwsen about networked agency and personal professional development of teams. He booked a conversation with me through my ‘open hours‘. Fun to catch up.
  • Took Y to her weekly swimming lesson. This was her first swimming lesson where she was fully clothed. It means she’s getting closer to getting her swimming diploma. The Dutch benchmark for a swimming certificate is being able to manage situations where you accidentally end up in the water, meaning you need to be able to swim distances, also under water, with clothes and shoes. Not merely a hypothetical situation, given the many surface waters in our part of town.
  • Helped E set-up her own VPS and Yunohost.
  • Spent Sunday morning with E and Y visiting the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam. Y wanted to see the Nightwatch (currently being restored in situ), so we did.
  • Visited a few new years meet-ups, from clients, and today the meet-up of the open source geo community, which took place in Hilversum, on the way back from visiting the Rijks in Amsterdam.

Portrait of Ramses Shaffy (1933-2009) as ‘metro map’ of the life lines of people important to him (24 by 13 meters). By Marjan Laaper. At Vijzelgracht metro station, near the Rijksmuseum

Neighbourhood police station 1919-1938 Hilversum, designed by Dudok