It was a week that didn’t feel focused, with a lot of time leaking away on things I could have done without but were necessary.
This week I

  • Finished the little scripts I built last week to do my own check-ins and future travel announcements, so that they include the right microformats etc. Right on time to use a check-in as a first review of a new coffee place in the neighbourhood.
  • Spent half a day in the office, mostly on internal things. A recent hire whose first six month contract ended, and accepted our offer for a permanent contract. Another colleague will spent the coming months in South-America and I signed an additional contract with them to cover her temporary part time work and a period of unpaid leave.
  • Spent half a day at the office of the NGO I chair, to catch-up with the director, and participate in a little farewell party for a team member who is changing jobs.
  • Spent an evening in the company of other personal knolwedge management interested people, comparing practices and feed our inner nerd with demo’s of fun tools.
  • Had the weekly client meetings
  • Wrote a draft Memorandum of Understanding for the collaboration between a client and a directorate of the European Commission, for a period of four years
  • Had some internal conversations to transfer some of my work to colleagues as I’m too overloaded
  • Took time to enjoy making notes
  • Discussed with a client their European and national strategy for the coming years, in the face of the new EU data legislation
  • Started organising a workshop for late November, to plot the new EU legal instruments on an existing case w.r.t. energy transition where currently getting, sharing and using the data that is valuable in getting things done is extremely complex and convoluted. The new instruments may make it easier for those involved to organise
  • Did the monthly salary payments
  • Spent an hour on the phone with the bank of the NGO I chair, once again. Since mid-September we’re trying to arrange the activation of a bank card for our bookkeeper but it keeps evolving into ever weirder administrative hoops to jump through. It seemed solved last week but it wasn’t, so with this phone call a new round of hoops seems to have initiated. Entirely frustrating, and more than enough to consider moving banks.
  • Had coffee and lunch with the three of us, kicking off a week of school holidays. E splurged on a Nintendo Switch which absorbed quite a bit of our time during the weekend, playing together.
  • Did a lot of work in the garden. Disconnecting the irrigation system for the winter, putting the parasols and the hammock in storage. A lot of pruning, especially of the apple tree, and turning all the pruned stuff into mulch for elsewhere in the garden.

The IJ river in Amsterdam at sunset, walking back to the central station from the offices of the NGO I chair, housed on the naval yard.