It was an agreeable week for me. Visiting a conference and some longer meetings meant I had less time than I originally wanted to do focused work.

This week I

  • launched my ‘UnOffice‘ experiment, with a first conversation lined up for next week
  • presented the EU legal framework for data and digital to the Edgeryders network, to see how this may aid their efforts. The conversation strengthened my urge to build network and community around these developments along the lines of how we did 12 years ago around open data. Took time to write out my thoughts on that later in the week.
  • Visited the Public Spaces conference, which I enjoyed, and where both POSSE and Habermas were name checked early on. In the afternoon there were sessions discussing the new EU legal framework, which was good, and showed how much it is needed to go out and explain the utility of these legal instruments.
  • Discussed a range of follow-up actions to conversations had earlier with the JRC
  • Generally felt good about the way I worked out notes this week. Really enjoyed and appreciated the ratcheting effect it has for me. Also this week it felt natural to use small bits of time to jot down a few thoughts here and there, that by the end of the week felt substantial amount of useful material.
  • Had our monthly all hands company meeting, at our offices. We also took some time for more photos (see below) of ourselves, and our work. For our website, and e.g. in slides etc.
  • Woke up one morning at 5:45 by a tremendous thunder and lightning strike nearby.
  • Had our car towed again, for what seems the same issue as last November
  • Had a meeting with the Ministry for Economic Affairs to explore the use cases that may be helped by the new EU data legislation
  • Took in some sessions, where they fitted timezone-wise, of Nick Milo’s PKM / Obsidian conference
  • With E finalised plans and arrangements for Y upcoming birthday party. Also with Y wrote the party invitations for her friends, and with her cycled around town to deliver them
  • Did some admin trivia that took a surprising amount of time
  • Created a script that now allows me to post material directly from my feed reader to my markdown notes
  • Took Y to her weekly swimming lesson

Photoshoot for our site in the staircase of our office building.