It was a bit of a slow week, but still got plenty things done, mostly as I am taking a week off, so basically I’ve done everything that needs doing next week too.

This week I

  • Had a slow Easter Monday, driving back home from the in-laws. Y fell ill with chickenpox and in the end stayed home ill the entire week.
  • Had the weekly client meetings
  • Spent a day on gathering further details about what we currently know about the European data space(s), and discussed with a client which role they want to take in them
  • Had a good conversation about diversity in start-ups and companies
  • Had our monthly all hands meeting (hybrid, I was at home because of Y’s illness
  • Worked on our tool to better make visible how busy we are
  • With an external adviser created the contours for a retirement funding system for our employees
  • Did an interview on data use cases with the Netherlands Environmental
    Assessment Agency
  • Caught up with a client for whom I will take on a role as a personal adviser. I had previously submitted a proposal and the procurement process should now be complete by the end of next week. I look forward to starting this sometime in May.
  • Did the Q1 book keeping and VAT tax returns for the 5 entities I do the books for.
  • Did some gardening now that spring has fully arrived (with the apple tree blossoming), with the help of a recovered Y. Did the planters on the balcony (and ate a carrot that grew there, with Y) and the roof terrace, removed the evening lights from the garden. With Y decided what to plant (lots of strawberries, carrots and radishes), which will do next weekend together with connecting the irrigation system.
  • Packed for a week off.