I can now create pages in WordPress using my personal Micropub client. This makes it possible for me to publish notes from my personal knowledge management system to my WordPress site as pages in the Digital Garden I keep there. Like this one as proof of concept.

In the past weeks I created a way to publish directly from my notes to my blog using Micropub. I also added a selector to choose to which site I want to publish to.
Now there’s an added option to create a page, and not just posts.

Until now I created those pages manually whenever I thought to document something publicly. The result of that is that creating a page involves a certain friction, and the number of pages has stayed very low as a result. I hope this step may make my pages section more useful in sharing documentation about e.g. concepts I find important or things I created.
Combined with the site selector this also means I can now easily add pages to my professional site, my company’s site and e.g. the IndieWebCamp.nl site.

(also posted to Indienews)

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