This was a pretty regular week, which was good to have and be able to get a few things done. I did feel tired a lot though. From next week most pandemic measures will be abolished, and we’ll see how that changes the equilibrium of our rhythms again.
This week I:

  • had a follow-up meeting with my business partners about a few points we didn’t get to in last weeks conversation.
  • did some more monthly invoicing
  • had the weekly client meetings
  • had a session with two European Commission directorates about digital twins, comparing each other’s work and plans in these areas. Also prepared the meeting notes and circulated those later in the week, as well as having a follow-up conversation.
  • welcomed a new colleague in a client team
  • spent a day at a client’s office
  • caught up with the director of the NGO I chair and planned a meeting for next week.
  • did a session with the CIO office of a ministry about the coming EU data legislation
  • joined a working session of national INSPIRE representatives, from France, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Denmark and the Netherlands, to discuss the EU data legislation’s impact and the DEP calls to prepare some of the sectoral data spaces envisioned.
  • had an evening meet-up of the Dutch Creative Commons association to go through the new government agreement w.r.t. aspects of openness, such as open culture, open education, and open science.
  • decided to join a trip to Montenegro in June with my old fraternity
  • turned the coming new legal instruments for data sharing in to a list of questions to ask of a number of experimental projects in the Netherlands to explore what current data sharing or usage issues they encounter, and whether the newly created instruments would be useful for them. Not just to make things easier per se, but also to ensure responsible data governance and usage
  • extended my micropub client with some more options, being able to choose more sites to post to, and to post pages not just blogposts.
  • did some gardening, pruning some shrubs
  • participated in the IndieWeb pop-up session about personal libraries.